On Havana Cocteles - Cuba & 20's Europe

The story often goes that Americans influenced Cuban bartending during prohibition and then Cuban bartenders had a huge impact on American drinking culture. Although there are still things to be said about this line of thought, let’s just focus on something else today: Cuban influence on Europe. Obviously the traffic between the Caribbean and the old continent did not happen in a one way street: the first generation of Cantineros were all of Spanish origin (Maragato, Ribalaigua, Boadas…) and one of Havana’s most famous bartenders in the 20’s was a Brit called Fred Kaufman. But little people seem to realise how fast some Cuban cocktails made their way to France, the United Kingdom or the old colonial power, Spain. So let’s have a quick look at the little doses of Cuba we found in some of the most famous cocktail books of the ‘années folles’.
— François Monti on havana-cocteles.com

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