On Havana Cocteles - Exciting Mojitos?

Let’s start with stating what should be obvious: the Mojito, made the Cuban way, is a fantastic drink. Rum, lime, mint, sugar in a short glass over cracked ice make for a bracing aperitif. This is not the way it is now known in Europe, where crushed ice and tall glasses dominate. This version has, sadly, led some great bartenders away from the wonders of one of the quintessential Cuban cocktails, and we’re sad to see that some bars try not to serve the Mojito to customers. Obviously, at Havana Cocteles, we understand that craft bartenders prefer to push their clients towards their own drinks, but we kept our eyes open and we talked to great bartenders to check how they made their Mojitos more exciting. What follows are two great ideas, the first in, we hope, quite a series.
— François Monti on havana-cocteles.com

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